Shirley MacArthur Animal Paintings

Here are some exquisite wall art prints of Shirley MacArthur’s magnificent animal paintings! These exquisite pieces of artwork realistically and enthrallingly depict the essence of the animal life in a gorgeously cute and funny way.

British based Shirley finds inspiration in the distinctive environment and animals of her native country. Her meticulous attention to detail and use of vivid colours give each animal life, making them ideal for any home owned by a wildlife enthusiast.

Her Highland Hairy Cows, Happy Hares, Nosey Cows, Nosey Dogs and Happy Horses are now being sold all over the world. 

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The colours are kept vibrant and true to the original artwork in all of our reproductions of Shirley MacArthur’s animal paintings because they are produced on premium canvas utilising cutting-edge printing technology. We provide a range of sizes and framing choices so you can find the ideal image to match your decor.

This collection of Shirley MacArthur animal paintings offers something for everyone, from Highland Hairy Cows, Happy Hares, Nosey Cows, Nosey Dogs and Happy Horses, all created in her unique vibrantly fun painting style.

Our Shirley MacArthur animal paintings are proudly manufactured in Australia, as are all of our products. Our team of knowledgeable experts painstakingly crafts each print to assure the finest quality. Also, you can add a whole new level of refinement to your artwork with our distinctive floating frames.

It’s never been simpler to bring a little bit of the countryside into your house thanks to our user-friendly online buying system. So, whether you enjoy everything feathered, furry, or scaly, browse our collection of Shirley MacArthur animal paintings today to find the ideal addition to your collection.