Iris Scott Fingerpainting Prints

Searching for a distinctive and colourful wall decoration? Go no farther than our collection of prints from Iris Scott’s fingerpaintings! Iris Scott is a gifted artist who uses just her fingertips to produce breath-taking works of art. These lovely canvas prints are based on her original finger paintings.

Each print in this series is a riot of colour and texture, with layers of paint building up to provide a genuinely captivating three-dimensional appearance. These finger paintings, which capture the beauty and intensity of the natural world in a way that is both amusing and profound, range from tiny flowers to huge landscapes or gorgeous dog portraits.

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We have a variety of sizes and themes in our Iris Scott Fingerpainting Prints collection to fit any decor or preference. Pick from modest prints to give a splash of colour to a bedroom or workplace, or go big with a statement piece to make your living room or hallway the centre of attention.

The extraordinary level of detail Iris Scott is able to create with her fingertips is one of the paintings’ most notable aspects. The observer is drawn in and keeps their attention by the visibility and distinctness of each brushstroke, which gives the painting a sense of movement and depth.

Furthermore adaptable, these finger drawings can blend in with a variety of design aesthetics, from modern and minimalist to boho and eclectic. They add a dash of cosiness and whimsy to any space they are placed in thanks to their vibrant colours and interesting textures.

Our Iris Scott Fingerpainting Prints collection is ideal for anyone who like strong, stunning art that commands attention. These finger paintings will delight and inspire you for years to come with their distinctive style, gorgeous colours, and minute details.